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Best Free Video Conferencing Tools 2014

Best free downloadable and web-based video conferencing tools for holding one-to-one and multi-party video calls

Instant, anonymous, secure, no-registration, no-download, browser-based P2P one-to-one video conferencing app. Max 2 parties. Free.

Skype - Free video conferencing for up to 10 people (no Premium version required since April 28th 2014) -

One click free videoconferencing with no download, registration or login. Web-based. Supereasy to use. One-to-One and multi-party.

Browser-based, no-downloads free one-to-one video-conferencing - unlimited calls and time - max 2 people -

Instant free videoconferencing with no signup, registration, login or download. It works instantly on any computer. Supereasy to use. Up to 4 people.

Unlimited free videoconferencing for sessions of up to 30 mins. Max 5 people for video, 10 for audio. Integrates presentation tools, document sharing and works across all platforms -

Persistent real-time collaboration rooms that integrate video conferencing and multiple co-viewing options (Youtube, Google Docs, Slideshare, Maps) - free for up to 5 participants - is a new free P2P video group chat and collaboration web app allowing you to instantly create a meeting room where anyone can be invited easily. Unlimited users (based on your bandwidth). mini-review: - – one click video conversations is a free browser-based real-time video-conferencing and screen-sharing app (requires WebRTC enabled browsers like Chrome and Firefox) - with Chrome v.30 and higher you can have as many participants as you want as you are in a P2P environment and are limited only by your effective bandwidth.

Mighty Meeting - Live web presentations with PDF and PowerPoint files across devices and OSes - free - up to 6 video-conferencing participants.

TrueConf - web-based for Win, OSX, iOS and Android - free version integrates recording, file transfer and whiteboard - for up to 3 people

Teambox - task management, file sharing, discussion and integrated scree-sharing and HD videoconferencing for up to 5 people for free.

Teambox is a project management and collaboration platform that lets you manage your team projects, tasks, time sheets and documents -

Ninchat - Video IRC - persistent rooms that can be set to be "public" or "private" - up to 12 people concurrenctly can video chat -

LiveMinutes - Share freely up to 9 video feeds - supports browsers, Skype and phones.

Rabbit for Mac - up to 10 participants + host - - a new slick web-based full conferencing solution allows for free video-conferencing for up to three people -

Camdip - free - video group chat - no registration required - for up to 6 users -

Spreecast - videoconference and live video stream with Spreecast (up to 4 people or more) - Free video conferencing for up to 6 people on Windows, Mac and Linux -

Google Hangouts - Web-based - Video conferencing for up to 10 participants.

Pligus - Web-based - Free collaboration and video conferencing for up to 4 people. - Web-based - Free persistent video conferencing rooms for up to 5 people - - Web-based - Free video conferencing for up to 5 people -

Vidyoway - Free HD videoconferencing for up to 9 people which works across standard PCs, mobile units and legacy systems -