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cutest shit I've ever seen

handmade wooden pink house // A Needle In The Hay on Etsy

50s swim caps for the win!

  • Barbara Schauer

    All girls used to have to wear them in swimming pools. If you never tried to squeeze one on over your sticky, sweaty summer hair, you can't imagine how weird they were to actually wear. And they smelled intensely rubbery. And they fostered jealousy of boys - who didn't have to wear them even if your hair was shorter than theirs. In hindsight and in smirky humor, they have their charm, but I am so GLAD they are consigned to the dumpster that is the past. Goodbye, smelly hot bathing caps!

  • Robin Plemmons

    Wow! I didn't know that! That seems insane & unnecessary. I wore one when I was on the swim team. I hated it! But this one is totally adorable. ;)

  • Barbara Schauer

    Yep. It has the charm thing going.