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Shirley Temples are delicious and look pretty, but if you serve them before they've been mixed, they can make a fantastic Halloween drink. Just fill syringes with grenadine and serve them up in a glass of 7-Up

I love a theme party, This is a scene taken from new moon. Does the recipiant have a fav show/movie. You don't necessarily need napkins and plates with a particular charachter on it, just make a scene that has the same feel, and it will come across. Tip: use music relating to a particular theme, they may not recognize it but it will really add to the feel of the party

Embarrassing New Moon party cupcakes. At least there's a drinking game to help it go down.

Razzle Dazzle Party Box: Theme birthday Party: Twilight Saga

For the Twilight party :0)

Twilight party before the midnight showing!

non-alcoholic drink for twilight party (twilight dove)

Twilight theme party ♥

Twilight theme party ♥

Twilight Breaking Dawn Party

Twilight theme party ♥

Twilight Party Invitation Idea!