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My Youth, Revisited

I was born in the mid-1950s so I had a taste of that decade's culture. The 1960s brought huge change in many areas...a decade of agitation, revolution, and growth...bitter sweet as there was a price to pay (lives lost, innocence lost). The early 1960s was similar to the late 1950s, and the late 1960s was similar to the early 1970s---that is what evolution is about; the shifting.

bells - like the vintage version of squeaker shoes (but much, much better).

  • Marty Gibbs

    Don't know why we wanted bells on our kids. Mine had them!

Home Ec Class where only the girls learned how to cook, sew, iron, etc. The boys took Shop (fixing things and auto mechanics).

Remember lining up to get vaccinated at school?

  • Olivia Duncan

    This is the BEST thing parents can do for their kids. The actual diseases are far worse than the shot. Parents today are too YOUNG to remember or to have never known how bad the actual diseases are!!!!

Remember when this little mug was enough soda? Your parents got the big mug!

Vintage A W Root Beer Heavy Glass Mugs Mini Large Mug | eBay