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Ultimate Guide To Costa Rica. Where to eat, explore and stay. >>> I've heard nothing but good things about Costa Rica. Gotta get my butt there one day!

Eat, Drink, Sleep, Do: Things to do in Costa Rica

hot springs in Costa Rica. Ive actually been here! its amazingggggg!

Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Blue Waters - Costa Rica

Places for Traveling: Blue Waters - Costa Rica

Old Man's Cave Gorge (near Logan, OH) - to know that you don't have to travel abroad to see beauty within your own country

Palau’s Jellyfish Lake once had an outlet to the sea, but is now connected to the ocean through fissures and tunnels in the surrounding limestone. Millions of jellyfish were trapped in the basin when sea levels dropped, and over time they evolved into a species that have lost the ability to sting because they don’t have to fight off predators. Jellyfish Lake is a snorkeling and swimming extravaganza where you can get up close and personal with an estimated 10 million Jellyfish.

The World’s Best Swimming Holes

Flathead Lake, Montana. Things you have to see when you visit Montana

Emerald Chasm, Washington, USA


A red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah, The Wave is made of 190-million-year-old sand dunes that have turned to rock. This little-known formation is accessible only on foot via a three-mile hike and highly regulated.

10 Geological Wonders you didn’t know (hidden wonders) - ODDEE

The Best 23 Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel

Marc Charles (AskMarcCharles) on Twitter

Here are 11 Reasons to Visit Sequoia National Park

11 Reasons why you MUST Visit Sequoia National Park

Rent a treehouse at Treehouse Point in Washington. this is definitely on my bucket list. I love this!!!!

One Good Thing: Treehouse Point | Creature Comforts