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Outstanding adaptive reuse. I bet there have been numerous old industrial buildings demolished that would have been so much better suited to residential adaptation. Pity.

Steam Blower House / Heinrich Böll Architect

Almost a brutalist piece but for the impression that the glazing is holding up the heavy concrete lid.

Haus Szelpal / Felber Szélpal Architekten

I don't know what this is but it is compelling and seriously cantilevered. Looks like shipping container. Still nice fishing spot.

I some of the design work, a lot of the detailing and a large chunk of the drawings for this building. San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex Visitor Center in San Diego.

I did a lot of the design work for this, and all the drawings.

I absolutely love the lines and contrasting materials. interactions and juxtapositions of this.

Definitely one way to guarantee you aren't invited to any neighborhood parties. Certainly easy to give directions to "yeah down 12th street, first big odd shaped red striped house on the left. Well only odd shaped striped house in Korea actually, not hard to find."

Red Siding - My god the contrast is amazing! the lines so strong the landscape so soft. This is amazing!

House Bernheimbeuk / architecten de vylder vinck taillieu - That is a fantastic structural detail. While I appreciate the house I really enjoy this use of structure!

Love the lines! Not sure about the heart though...

Really fantastic, obviously not a used canal anymore and I hope they don't get too many waves but it is so under minimal in its approach and materials.

I can usually do without Zaha Hadid and her unconventional for the sake of being unconventional designs but this one is quite nice. Perhaps it is the residential application vs. the usual public works types projects. Either way very nice.

Spanish architecture is so exceptional. Do the Spaniards just accept that architecturally designed homes are desirable? No matter what the reason they always seem to be unique and fantastic in their reaction to the environment and their usability.

I don't know what building this is but it is really cool looking and the instagram tilt shift filter is kinda neat.

Austere but so appropriate, this image really conveys the dramatic landscape and the way the building accentuates the wind blown conifers.

Wow this is what contemporary architecture should be like, not these stucco faced, garage-centric home we have now.

Allen Residence / Skiles Architect

I hope to visit this one day when it is complete and I am still young enough to able to appreciate its madness and soaring vision! Gaudi was a real Starchitect!

Would be nice to see this when the foliage fills in, and that is a huge trellis!

Love the sensitivity and the reaction to the climate. True critical regionalism!