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best sayings ever!!!!

Words to live by!

designer bags and dirty diapers

Really love this. Who says your journey has to be perfectly flawless. If that were true, it might not be a life worth living.

♥ Lessons From: Amy Poehler | Inspired by Charm

Lessons From: Amy Poehler | Inspired by Charm

I love Zumba simply because...... When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you. ~Paulo Coelho

The Dance | My Mamihood

"Forget about everything, except the dance." ~Lai Rupe Utah's Best Choreographer

A prayer for when you are feeling overwhelmed. Lord please let me find rest in You alone. Lord I know you want me to live in devotion to you. To walk in your will, not the crazy demands of this world. Help me to slow down, to say "no", to set boundaries. You ask us to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. What a beautiful example of setting a boundary. Lord let me follow your will so that I find the balance, the peace you want for me. In Your Holy Name! Amen (so be it!)

Prayer for when you are feeling overwhelmed

What rules would you make your your kids? Here are some I came up with in a handy dandy printable poster!

Rules for Kids -

25 of the Best Fashion Quotes of All Time

I love this

Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest

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akupofkatie: #31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 15

Take time to make your soul happy

Photo - The Jew in J.Crew