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Banana clips ewww loved then... What the.. Was I thinking? Well I was a kid ;)

Totally Tubular Glitter Bracelets - a cousin used to have one of these when I was a kid in the 80's and I used to be mesmerized by it! Tots making one for my daughter... And one for myself!

10 Absolute Best Girl Toys from the 1980s..... its all my favorite toys in one spot!!

Loved puffy stickers!

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I still have this doll! Strawberry kiss. And you can still lightly smell her berry kisses after all this time. (-:

Monchi Monchichi. Is there a song about these things?

I'm pretty sure that as a little girl I wanted to be peaches and cream barbie when I grew up.

Molly Ringwald photographed by Andy Warhol,1985.


Remember the uber cool View Masters? Hit like or repin if you had one or remember just how cool they were.

Remember when we taped songs off the radio?




My little pony

Old school Reeboks

Pocket Radios I love these!!

80s vintage toys.