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NFL Green Bay Packers Unisex Intarsia Cardigan- totally need this!

"Words without action fall on deaf ears"--#AaronRodgers #Quotes

Donald will forever be my favorite football player! Thank you for all you have done for Green Bay, and people in need in our area and others.

Get this Packers Nation wallpaper for your smartphone to keep the Pack on your mind. And let NFL Mobile from Verizon keep you updated on your favorite teams all week long.

If you try to talk to me during the Packer game about something OTHER than the Packer game I WILL go all Clay Matthews on your ass!

Vince Lombardi inspires us all yet today whether we may be a manager, coach, leader, teacher or parent to instill the drive and want to succeed into our lives as he did into his players

How To Spot A True Cheesehead - blaze orange hunting pants to go with clay Matthews guns, haha love it!

So the officer places me in cuffs and says anything you say can and will be held against you. So I say "Clay Matthews" . Clay Matthews held against ME!!

Clay one and only NFL player crush...definitely not a Packers fan, but oh my...that Clay Matthews

You do NOT speak when Aaron Rodgers is on the field.