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Stories for and from the other side of the pen: interview with Ellen Maze, author of Christian vampire tales; evolution?; read a story about wrestling with sin; a poem about the fall from grace; a word puzzle; a quilt-maker who has just what you need; and a growing spec fiction blog list.

Show Preview Facebook Twitter Get Link Spring is a time of beginnings and the Spring issue of Harpstring Magazine is filled with stories of New Beginnings including new jobs, new loves, new life and new seasons. Some old authors and some new authors are sharing their stories to delight you.

Show Preview Facebook Twitter Get Link Interview with Extraordinary Kid: Kadi Tiede, a high school student with her own photography business. Remember the tragedy of the Titanic and explore history with this issue of Starsongs.

Spring is in the air! It’s time to think of Easter joy and Mom’s love. Find these here and much more as told through the eyes of today’s young people. Features an interview with Rebecca Phillips, manager and first violinist for the New World String Quartet as well as great ideas about the profit in letters of praise from our adult mentor, Denice Baldetti.

Merry Christmas from Harpstring Magazine! Our special double holiday issue features stories from Salerna Stormo, Charlotte Snead, Eddie Jones, Jann Pinnick, Tina Pinson, Jennifer Hallmark, and Carol Stratton

2011 Summer Issue of Harpstring Magazine! With stories by Sharon Dunn, Ben Erlichman, Jennifer Hallmark, Jean Kinsey, David J. Weaver, and Lori Stafford, editor Rowena Kuo and Written World Communications present a compilation filled with hope, encouragement, sorrow, joy, and blessings in celebration of Harpstring’s first complete subscription year.

Spring 2011, With stories by Ben Erlichman, Jean Kinsey, Matthew J. Mimnaugh, Julie Ann Monzi, Adam Swenson, and John Turney, editor Rowena Kuo features Written World Communication’s newest endeavors in this latest issue of Harpstring Magazine.

Winter 2010-2011,Ben Erlichman, Heidi Dru Kortman, Lisa J. Lickel, Julie Ann Monzi, Judith Vander Wege, Andrew Wang, and featuring Henny Goffin by Rowena Kuo