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letter telling someone about how to support you

Letter Requesting Support

Simon says drawing- How different the drawings turn out even when given the same directions! :) This would be neat to show how we all have different perspectives.

letter telling someone about how to support you

I think this is going to turn out to be a great new resource!

Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources Through Bilateral Stimulation

Jean Ayers was the originator of Sensory Integration Theory- important when working with Trauma because of the way trauma impacts the brain.

The New iPad Retina Is Therapy-Ready And Helping Heal Souls: Williamsville Wellness, a residential gambling and alcohol treatment center, has taken the iPad a step further by implementing it into their successful art therapy program. For the Williamsville Wellness patients, the new iPad loaded with ArtRage is providing a supportive tool with which to safely express and explore strong, sensitive or destructive feelings.

Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale

PTSD Professional Perspective: Understanding Complex PTSD Treatment | PTSD Guest Post: Professional Perspective | Heal My PTSD

Chaos to Healing

Its called a "Positive box." When child starts feeling negative, they can pull out this box and start reading all the positive messages inside it.

Teenagers & Therapy: How to Make it Work... "Many parents would like to see their adolescent children well-adjusted, happy, successful and social. That is a tall order for teens who are dealing with peer pressure, hormonal changes, academic expectations, parental ideals and their own self-discovery process, all simultaneously."

I like the idea of having a pre-injured animal in my office to start a conversation with kids.