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Sculpture Projects for Kids

Sculpey Finger Puppets

Funky Sculpey Finger Puppets - Meri Cherry

cute little people made from a toilet paper tube and coloured paper springs- Gr.2

make little garden people-use garden tie wire-pliable and sturdy

Name sculpture project super successful!

Do w/o sculpt part - Students looked at various examples of cityscapes, specifically the collage work of Romare Bearden. Students created their own mixed media cityscapes by layering various types of cardboard, cork board and wood pieces, painting it black and adding oil pastel for color and texture.

*The Old Mine Shaft Marble Ride - complete instructions for this marble project. (Use it as a model but get creative and experiment with other structures too. Imagination is the key ingredient, so let the kids use theirs.)

Grade level makes a mountain range - give several small squares to each student and ask them to cut them into two pieces, retaining at least one flat side and its corners. Then collect all the papers and organize them by height and stick them together. Great collaborative work!