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Garden Candles -- to hang or not to hang? Imagine for a BBQ or along a garden path or along a wedding aisle at sunset. Could also use coffee beans for brown or lentils for green or kidney beans for a deep red.

Turn Mason Jars into Garden Lanterns 360×460 pixels

Bellflower- This plant produces mounds of these beautiful blue flowers..

flower boxes around pergola posts or deck posts.

Tuscan cottage patio

glow in the dark pebbles are the bright choice for eco-friendly lighting that requires no electricity and no power. When exposed to daylight or a light source the phosphorescent material within the COREglow becomes excited and will maintain an afterglow, initially very radiant, then slowly dissipating as dawn arrives.

Wood Pallet Herb Garden

DIY for the garden

Backyard sand fire pit. Yes please.

I love my back yard and just have so many ideas I want to do (but can't for one reason or another). Someday I would like to have a party/bbq and these would be great to have! They look easy enough to make.

If we find a place with a yard. . .

If we find a place with a yard. . .

Outdoor movie theater!