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Entrepreneur + Restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump

Art deco diamond, emerald, white gold bracelet.

The Anna Case McKay Necklace The Smithsonian's gem and mineral collection includes a number of exceptional emeralds. Particularly notable is the 168-carat Columbian pendant of the Anna Case McKay necklace. It may be the largest fine-gem emerald that is set in a piece of jewelry. Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Beryl var. Emerald (37.8 carats, Colombia) Diamond Donated by Mr. and Mrs. O' Roy Chalk in 1972. Designed by Harry Winston, Inc. - Smithsonian Collection The superb clarity and color of the Chalk Emerald ranks it among the world's finest Colombian emeralds. This outstanding 37.8-carat emerald exhibits the velvety deep green color that is most highly prized. Smithsonian Collection

From the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The brooch incorporates two of the Cambridge emeralds, one a gold-set cushion-shaped stone, the other a detachable pear-shaped pendant. The brooch could also be fitted into the Delhi Durbar stomacher. When so used by Queen Mary, the two emeralds were separated by the Cullinan VIII brooch.

This colorful Piaget ring is inspired by the “Watermelon Dream” cocktail. The watermelon juice is a rubellite, while the fresh mint leaves are emeralds studded with diamonds.

these sort of remind me of those huge drop emeralds that angelina jolie wore that one time, except they look nothing the same :) love them.

I most definitely need a charm bracelet with emeralds!

Really drawn to Emeralds...J & C's birthstone.

emeralds, diamonds, and pearls - my sorority's 3 jewels