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12 GA 14+1 Capacity

  • Jake Deakins

    @Shelly. Because in the USA we have something called the 2nd amendment...and despite a huge failed gun registry in Canada, there is still gun crime....criminal are just that. They will find guns regardless. So if responsible people want to own a shotgun, it is their right. Don't like it? Move on

  • Andreanne Vallieres

    Isn't it a little big for personnal safety? But, for the imminent Zombie Apocalyps... this will b perfect!

  • William Horn

    Personally I feel, if people can get past the "Weapon" aspect of this and see the fact That I can load one side with non lethal rounds then the other with rounds for life threatening situations. This piece of equipment allows me to neutralize the situation rather than use deadly force.I feel Police and Mounties should be trained with this. The length of this is shorter than my M4. Making it perfect for home defense.

  • Niniane Rebecca

    Oh hey look. Yet another person who doesn't fully grasp the 2nd amendment.

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this just made my day :)

Praying otter.

  • Tommy BRCD

    That's me when the teacher I was supposed to have a test with is absent.

tree houses

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