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yurt decor inspirations

technically this is just yurt decor, not inspiration...since it is in my actual yurt. our mosaic hearth. photo by me, rory amber thompson,

These colors are great. 1965– Truman Capote standing on the ledge of the fireplace in the living room of his Hamptons country studio near Sagaponack on the South Fork. –Image by © Condeˆ Nast Archive/Corbis

Wow, 1965– The two-story living room communicated a mood of oceanside ease tinged with intelligence and humor. Highly personal objects, memorabilia and books—which included copies of Truman Capote’s own works in several languages—were placed casually among the simple furnishings. –Image by © Condeˆ Nast Archive/Corbis

this would look terrific in my living room

{The Ruralist Kitchen - love the butcher block table by the stove, and the fact that there are no upper cabinets on the walls, just that huge gorgeous hutch}

The New Victorian Ruralist: The Ruralist Kitchen...

white, raw wood, gold, black, orange