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Tom Hiddleston ♥

Good guy Tom... - The Meta Picture

He's so awesome

Proof that we never really grow up…

The Seagulls Have the Phonebox by khallion on deviantART

Die, rebel scum!

» Die Rebel Scum! The Nerd Machine

a genius play on Michelangelo's masterpiece, "Pieta". This is "Game Over" by Kordian Lewandowski #Mario

Here are some things that geeks considered perfectly normal in 1999.

Make your own suit

Benedict Cumberbatch dancing to MJ's 'Thriller'. Part of me feels bad for the bride that she's not the center of attention, but man thank you to whom ever ignored her for that minute or so.

Star Trek predictions. I say this all the time. They refer to their "pads" in Ds9 all the time aka... modern day ipads. They would read books on them and everything. Awesomeness I tell you.

Star Trek Random Facts - except, I think that the term Whovian has been added to the dictionary, now, as well.

Now that's traveling Geek-style.