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Circus, Sideshow & Cabinet of Curiosities

Human Thighbone Kangling - With its wailing, eerie sound, the bone trumpet, or kangling, is intrinsic to the otherworldly atmosphere created by the Chöd ritual. The kangling is part of an ensemble of sacred instruments that emerged from the tantric crucible of India some fifteen hundred years ago.

miserabile visu: Human Thighbone Kangling

Balloon wedding | Retronaut

Retronaut - 1888: Balloon wedding

Elegant Shahrefarang or peep box for viewing photos before the cinema age. The ancient motif of rampant sphinxes combine with western embellishments. Qajar Dynasty Golestan Palace. Tehran. e. 1800s

Ewald Redam (far left) was the principal athlete in a troupe of German strength performers who were active in the 20s. During WW I, Ewald, his Latvian life, Ludmilla, and two other athletes formed the Four Redams. The act was a great hit, even more remarkable because the women got as much attention for their strength feats as the men. In the 1930s, the group added two more strong women.

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Bone Dagger's from New Guinea at Maastricht - Tefaf

Viking craftsman lost all his equipment while he traveled across the lake Mästermyr on the island of Gotland. In 1936 the wooden chest containing all the tools were found at the bottom of the former lake, whichhad turned into a bog. There are axes, hammers, tongs, files, rasps, whetstones among the 200 objects that were found in the chest. The funny thing is that the tools are at least 1000 years old but look like they could have been made today.