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Love grey and pink

Balla | Dolce Vita// Omg need these//

Vintage dress c. 1950

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Coral blazer, white top, nude shoes

  • Whitney Morgan

    And that's more sad than anything else...

  • Taylor Julianna

    She's not saying that caring about your appearance makes you stupid, she's saying that caring only about appearance, and not taking time to care for what's on the inside, like your character, and intellect, makes you stupid. This is why she's my role model. She is a very wise woman, and I'd rather be a hermione than a pansy, but if you'd rather be a pansy, then good for you. @Whitney Clark Morgan

  • Whitney Morgan

    That doesn't make one stupid... That just means one has body image problems. Which is unfortunate. It means that person needs building up, not tearing down. Not someone telling them they're stupid. And if you have a different opinion than I do, that's fine, but going out of your way to insult me because we differing views makes you look petty and ignorant.

  • Cara Nordengren

    @Whitney Morgan @Taylor Nish I don't think she (J.K. ) was trying to insult anyone, I'm pretty sure she was trying to say that there's girls out there who would much rather spend their time trying to look "perfect" than be independent or hardworking towards things other than their looks. J.K. said she'd rather have her daughters not meet the criteria that society deems "pretty" and be forward thinking, independent, and opinionated, than to have them be "pretty" and obsessed with staying that way, and running the risk of foregoing empathy and originality. The former version of a girl is Hermione, a character she wrote to be a role model for not only her daughters but for other girls as well. The latter version is Pansy, a girl who is "pretty" on the outside but has a fairly vicious personality. At one point she says "Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom? Never thought you'd like fat little crybabies, Parvati." Both making fun of and tearing down Neville Longbottom who doesn't meet the "pretty" standards. What J.K. meant by this was truly pretty girls work to build up everyone and improve situations. And Pansy, who although meets the "pretty" standards, doesn't do that.

  • Isabelle Maragnano ♡

    I think you're missing the point Whitney... I think J.K. is trying to say that she doesn't want her daughters to grow up worrying about what they look like in this world filled with girls who worry about thigh gaps and flat stomachs instead of being intelligent and successful. That's what stupid about it, their worrying about the wrong things. For those people who do have image problems, I believe she's saying that they are worrying about things that they shouldn't be. Being skinny isn't the ultimate goal in life. She wants her daughter to be a independant Hermione in a world of self-concsious Pansy's.

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