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nerd stuff and halloween

X-men was the first series I really started to follow. Drama, action, adventure, all mixed into one. In recent years I've found there are simply too many x-books to follow ( it went from 2 when I was younger to about 6 now) but the core books remain the same.

Death Star cake tutorial. She uses bowls, but I'd go ahead and use the wilton ball pan. Definitely make this out of either the chocolate recipe provided or a dense pound cake. I like the idea of ganache under fondant, maybe this would be worth making marshmallow fondant for.

Bahaha!! Of all the responses to Disney buying LucasFilm, this is the best. I know they own the rights to MarvelStudios and Pixar and haven't messed those up but still. Even if they continue with Lucas' storyline of Han and Leia's kids . . . still. Just . . . just leave it.

Free pattern for a cape

I've always wanted a Roomba. Now my nerd self wants it to have a Mario Bros character on top. How geeky and cute is that?

That is awesome DIY geekery. Check out the flickr to see all the sides.

DIY Star Trek Command Badge for the premiere of the new movie!

Black & white Batman cake. I like the way the bats "fly" off the cake.

2014 Planet Comicon: Ursula Cosplay Gallery at Project-Nerd (Cosplayer: Ezmeralda Von Katz)

Madeline at Hogwarts. Hahaha puddle of goo

*read the post* ANNND NOW IT'S RUINED

There is a Sulu cologne!!?? Why wasn't I told this. Point me in the direction of it, please!!!

Geeks coexist : Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Aliens, X-Files, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek

Every Episode Of Star Trek: TOS Is Represented In This Poster

DIY Star Wars starships and fighters clock

Storm trooper socks!

  • Natasha Rose

    Nope. Aperture socks from the game Portal. I'm the bigger nerd for knowing that haha

To make something great greater, make it out of food.

Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Apron

Trekkies. This is how it starts... and how Erik and I are acting right now. WHY did he have to go get the ENTIRE series on DVD?