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Amethyst isn’t only February’s birthstone. It’s believed to have special powers like reducing insomnia, arthritis, pain, and circulatory problems. Amethyst is also known as the gemstone of balance, courage, inner strength, meditation and peace. So why not wear an amethyst necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring? You'll find lots of fabulous green and purple amethyst jewelry on our board.

A Regal Look! Amethyst & Diamond Bow Earrings. Go formal or casual in these versatile bow ties. Sterling silver with pear-shaped amethysts and diamonds. This antique-inspired Amethyst and Diamond Necklace presents pear-shaped amethysts and diamonds in a dramatic, draping style. Sterling silver with 3” extender. Set of Three White Topaz and Diamond Eternity Bands. >>Click on the pin to shop these styles. #amethyst #diamond #gemstone #necklace #earrings #ringset #RossSimons

813295|796183|815404 | Ross-Simons

Amethyst jewelry is particular attractive when paired with other gemstones and also in mixed gemstone settings. Some of our most popular styles include amethyst earrings, amethyst pendants, and the venerable amethyst cocktail ring — spiced with diamonds or topaz accents. >>Click on this pin to shop Green Amethyst Jewelry. #green #amethyst #jewelry #rosssimons

Amethyst is February’s birthstone and given to celebrate the 6th wedding anniversary. >>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry to see our collection. #amethyst #jewelry #gemstone #gemstonejewelry #ring #earrings #jewelrylover #rosssimons

7.25 Carat Rose De France Amethyst and Diamond Silk Cord Bracelet in 14kt Rose Gold. >>Click on the Amethyst Bracelet to see more styles at Ross-Simons.

Amethyst Bracelets | Ross-Simons

Serene green. >>Click on the Green Amethyst Jewelry to shop the Ross-Simons collection.

Green Amethyst Jewelry

These beautiful 4.80 ct. t.w. purple amethyst drops will add such dramatic impact to your look! Faceted pear-shaped gemstones dangle from polished wires and amethyst rounds. >>Click on the Amethyst Earrings to browse the Ross-Simons collection.

Amethyst Earrings | Ross-Simons

A lush & luxe look. >>Click on the Green Amethyst Jewelry for more styles at Ross-Simons.

Green Amethyst Jewelry

A wonderfully rich ring with poise and presence. Faceted central marquise amethyst totaling 25.00 carats is set in a textured bed of polished sterling silver with filigree sides magnificently. >>Click on the Amethyst Ring to shop more our collection at Ross-Simons.

Lavished with cushion-cut and pear-shaped amethysts and trimmed with diamonds. Amethyst Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver. >>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry to shop more styles at Ross-Simons.

Andrea Candela Green Amethyst Pendant Necklace With Diamonds in Two-Tone. >>Click on the Amethyst Necklace to browse similar styles at Ross-Simons.

Amethyst Necklaces | Ross-Simons

Amethyst and Diamond Pendant and Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold. >>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry for more options from the Ross-Simons collection.

You'll love the shimmer and shine of these beguiling 8.20 ct. t.w. amethyst and .10 ct. t.w. diamond chandelier earrings! Diamonds provide a dash of dazzle for the arching earrings, while the amethyst drops glimmer in elegant splendor. >>Click on the Amethyst Earrings for more styles.

Whether you're seeking a February birthstone gift or celebrating the amethyst wedding anniversary (the 6th), you'll find an entrancing selection of amethyst jewelry here at Ross-Simons. >>Click the pin for more Amethyst Jewelry styles.

Brown diamond snake slinks around a 10.00 carat green amethyst. Black rhodiumed sterling silver ring. >>Click on the Amethyst Ring to browse our selection at Ross-Simons.

We love the purple-white color combination of this super chic amethyst and cultured freshwater pearl necklace. Embellished with diamond kissed spacers. Cushion-cut amethysts framed with diamonds. >>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry for more options at Ross-Simons.

Cushion-cut 15.00 ct. t.w. purple amethysts glow brightly in .33 ct. t.w. diamond links. >>Click on the Amethyst Bracelet to browse similar styles at Ross-Simons.

The bigger, the better: 45.00 ct. t.w. amethyst slices bloom into petals on these free-form, slightly mismatched drops. Pair with an amethyst cocktail ring in a classic setting. >>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry to see Ross-Simons' collection.

The six strands of glittery beads on this amethyst and Rose de France amethyst necklace are deep violet and pale lilac in color, draped in a loose twist. >>Click on the Amethyst Necklace to browse the Ross-Simons collection.

Amethyst Necklaces | Ross-Simons

Old Hollywood glamour for a new generation. >>Click on the Green Amethyst jewelry to shop more styles from Ross-Simons.

Green Amethyst Jewelry

Our lovely line bracelet presents two-rows of amethyst rounds totaling 20.75 ct. in a sparkling double-deck delight! >>Click on the Amethyst Bracelet for more styles from Ross-Simons.

Amethyst Bracelets | Ross-Simons

>>Click on the pin to shop Ross-Simons' Amethyst Jewelry collection.

These 4.80 ct. t.w. amethyst drop dangle earrings will bring a splash of punch to your look. They feature pear-shaped drops suspended in chic oval frames. >>Click on the Amethyst Earrings for more styles from Ross-Simons.

500.00 ct. t.w. Amethyst Bead Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold. Smooth, polished amethyst beads infuse your look with rich color. >>Click on the Amethyst Necklace for more styles.

Amethyst Necklaces | Ross-Simons

>>Click on the Amethyst Jewelry to shop more styles at Ross-Simons