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Organize Kid's School Days Goodies - I keep art, projects, certificates, homework, etc. School pictures go into sheet protectors each year. :)

Puzzle Storage in Pencil Cases :)

Organize Kids Room with Cube Shelves- Everything has a Place! This Makes Me Happy :)

Organize Kitchen Linens and Pot Holders in Linen Closet with Hanging Pocket Organizer :)

Organize Kids Craft Supplies

More Small Closet Organizing- I Hang My Leggings/Tights on a Hanger and I Keep My Socks in an Orgaizer in an IKEA Drawer.

I Store "Fold-Able" Items in the Top of My Closet to Maximize "Upward Space."

Organize SMALL Closet- I put my Seasonal Clothes in these Hampers and Store them in the Corners of My Closet. I Store More Shoes in the Drawers from IKEA.

The Way to Utilize ALL of Your Space in a SMALL Closet!

I use Over-Door Hangers for: Scarves, Jewelry, Hair Accessories and Under Garments (ie: Shapers, Built-In-Bra Tops, etc.)- Then I hang them Side-By-Side beside my Belts in the Closet :)

This is How I Organize My Shoes! Keeps them Dust-Free and Easy-To-See!

Decorative Boxes Store Swimsuits and Cover-Ups!

This is how I Organize Nail Polish and Mani/Pedi Goodies :)

Organize Bags, Purses and Other Accessories in a Multi-Function Ottoman! I have all of my Bags, Sunglasses in their Cases, Scarves that go with the Bags, and More! :)

Organize Bathing/SWIM SUITS!! Place each Separate/Mix-N-Match Piece in Individual Sandwich Bags and Label them! Put Top/Bottom Sets and One Pieces in a Single Sandwich/Freezer Bag to keep them together. "File" them away in a cute chest or drawer and you're done! :)

  • Stacy Rounds

    This makes it sooo easy to pack your swimsuits when you travel!! :)

Makeup, Nail Polish, etc. all organized in these Stackable Wooden Trays! Always use the "upward" space- it is the most commonly overlooked space!

Another way to use these cool Wooden Trays- Organize Makeup!

Use an Over Door Organizer for Scarves, Jewelry, Toys... Practically for ANYTHING! I hang mine on Hangers and hang them sideways in my closet for more "Streamlined" and Hidden Storage! I sell these for $19.99 with Free Shipping here:

This is how I Organize My Athletic Clothes- Sports Bras, Socks, etc. ALL in an Under-Bed Box :)

Organize Nail Polish- These Stack Neatly Under My Bathroom Sink :)