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Decorate your laundry room with a cute and useful organizer for all that loose pocket change you find in the wash! How cute?

eighteen25: Laundry Room Mason Jars

Stay organized with this (free!) weekly to-do list.

10 (Free!) Printables to Get Your Life Organized

SUCH an amazing resource - over 90 pages of printables including routine charts, 1st day of school picture printables, school info., menu planning, toy organization labels and tons more!

How to Be Your Own Professional Organizer: 10 Top Tips from the Pros | Apartment Therapy (NOTE: "Play Cards. Write household tasks on index cards and draw one each day. That becomes your chore for the day. Be sure to include a few "Free Day" cards in there. When you finish the box start again. This is also a great way to incorporate kids' chores as well.")

Fantastic drawer organization inspiration. (Can Kevin Sharkey come over and do our drawers, too?)

Organizing Bedroom Technology

Organizing Home Technology in Your Bedroom

Bar cart for art supplies?

Home Tour: Greetings From Vienna

7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet

7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet

6 Ways to make a small closet more functional.

6 Ways To Make A Small Closet More Functional

Or follow this flow chart. | 34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

washi tape storage

Fabulous Crates - It's Overflowing

DIY Tech Accessories • Lots of Ideas Tutorials!

DIY Tech Accessories | Decorating Your Small Space

Which birthdays are the most common?

  • Heather Kallinger

    I wonder what this looked like before birth induction became common. And there are a TON of birthdays in September. Which means people really like getting it on in December, lol.

  • Robin Poncia

    I wonder what date is the least common.

  • Rachel

    lol why is everyone asking questions just look at the chart

  • Robin Poncia

    Yeah, I can read a chart. The ranking system isn't specific to identifying a single date. They use the light color more that once and they use the dark color (representing the most common dates) more than once. So I think these are valid, albeit rhetorical, questions.

  • Heather Kallinger

    ^Yup. I agree entirely. Plus, why not? What's wrong with discussing an interesting topic?