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Surprise your sweetheart with a serenade from the Drake Choir this Valentine's Day:

Hannah snowdon at the fish wedding...

'skinny mini' bow stud earrings

If you were a bird, then I’d be a tree; and you would come home, my darling, to me…

I love this idea! It's made out of 2 x 4s. Not only is it way more affordable than buying but it can be sized to fit your space.

Repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning :) 50 jumping jacks 5 pushups 20 sit ups 20 mountain climbers 30 second plank 7 burbees. I wish I looked that good....what is a burbee?

  • Summer Ann

    a "burpee" is an exercise where you start in a squat with you hands on the ground, kick your feet back to a push up position, then jump your feet back to a squat and jump up in the air...repeat...

  • Kristy

    What are mountain climbers?

  • Tami Zambrano

    What is a mountain climber?

  • Summer Ann

    a mountain climber...push up position and draw your knee toward your chest like you're running on the ground...alternate legs and go as fast as you can...

  • Tami Zambrano

    Thanks Summer! :)

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