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The Great British Coin Hunt!

Brand new fun coin collector albums, specially designed for you to collect the 50p, £1 and £2 coins in circulation - including the London 2012 50p Sports series! Can you find the rarest ones?

Richard Michael Harris‎ September 27 2014. My collection of £2 coins, I have 21 different 'specials'

There are over 100 different coin designs in circulation, 98 of which make up The Great British Coin Hunt, and with mintage figures largely driven by demand from banks and cash centres, some are certainly rarer than others. #coinhunt #rare #coin #infographic #design

The UK's rarest coins in 2014 | The Royal Mint Blog

Mam Webster Im a Taxi driver in Chippenham Wiltshire, got 1 about month or so ago, imagine my surprise when I got the other last night, I collect coins so these will go nicely in my collection

mrghaa @RoyalMintUK Last piece of my collection!

ThisKidShovel @RoyalMintUK this beauty

LarissaK_T Larissa KT Finally got one!!!! @RoyalMintUK #Underground150

Twitter / LarissaK_T: Finally got one!!!! @RoyalMintUK ...

Twitter / BFSmad: FINALLY !!!! @RoyalMintUK ... The Edinburgh One Pound coin!

Twitter / BFSmad: FINALLY !!!! @RoyalMintUK ...