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And this ladies and gentlemen is what lazy parenting looks like!'s only "your country" because others die to protect it for you and because others work their butts off to provide you with your necessities. You don't do anything but complain.

more occupy bs. you seem to have a computer or smart phone from those "greedy" people or you wouldn't be on pinterest...those "greedy" Americans worked their asses off to get where they are, and you seem to think you just deserve to have money and a job. that's not how it works sweetie.

bad argument hippie. can't stand these piles of crap


  • Jessica Rozier

    Did you know that pinning my pins and making ridiculous comments is super entertsining?

  • Jessica Rozier

    Dude. Find something better to do

  • Jessica Rozier

    Keep it up and you're gunna get reported for harassment on here. You guys really need something better to do with your take care of your autistic son you keep mentioning

  • Jessica Rozier

    I love that you can judge me by my PINTEREST pins

  • Jessica Rozier

    I don't think poor people are ignorant...where did that come from?

Missouri Tigers

Sea Doo watercraft...sure they look fancy...but too bad they are in the shop more than on the water...

  • Jamie Ferris

    Ours are 07's & never any problems the entire 5, going on 6, years we've had them...our neighbor's Yamaha Wave-runner,however, blew up after their first season of owning it :(

I can't decide which car i hate more...the smart car or this "green" vehicle? it's good thing they are good at marketing and there are suckers out there who beleive this stupid thing is good for the environment..