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To Encourage & Challenge

Some of my favorite articles that have blessed, inspired, and challenged this girl in her walk with her Lord. :)

What We Get Wrong About 'Finding God's Will': Relevant Magazine - Great, thoughtful article! - "[God's will] is not a maze for us to perfectly navigate in order to reach our end goal, but instead, God desires for us to trust Him with all of the twists and turns."

The Impossible: - "When I’m done, finished and empty, there is more to do. In moments of emptiness and fatigue I find myself needy and desperate. And I find God meeting me there, with grace for that moment. Where I am weak, He is strong."

Real Girls, Real Faith: Not There Yet - " I have a goal for each day, each week, and an end goal I'd like to someday achieve... It's about creating new habits as I try to let go of old own ones. Yet the days I give in or give up seem too frequent and I grow discouraged. And it dawned on me, that I'm not there yet."

When You Feel Like You Just Keep Blowing It: @Ann Voskamp via - "No one ever blows it so badly that the Spirit can’t still blow in. And no wind ever blows so hard that it doesn’t carry hope, that it doesn’t blow in blessing too. To kneel and receive both, the impossible made possible by Grace." #realgirls #valley #hope #grace

The Secret of Brave - - "You may wonder how you can do the very thing He’s called you to. This is where you can’t manufacture what happens next. You can’t organize an effective plan. You can’t conjure up courage. You can’t finally overcome your fears enough to get it done. The secret lies in the waiting."

Done Waiting - - "We can treat today as the special occasion it is. Stop waiting to celebrate life. Get out the good dishes for tonight’s supper... Use your beautiful things for the people you love the most. Rejoice in the everyday because these moments are what we have right now and they will be gone before we know it. Allow yourself to enjoy and celebrate in this gift of today from the Lord."

Jewels of Jesus: The Hard Side of Being a Friend - "If you are ever going to have a deep relationship with anyone, you have to be willing to be vulnerable." #realgirls #relationships #vulnerability

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    I did not know you read JOJ! I am one of the authors =) Thank you for visiting it!

The Best Defense: - "We walk around, convinced we’re not enough... And in an effort to hide those fears – and protect ourselves from the insults and injuries we’re certain are inevitable, we put up our defenses." #realgirls #vulnerability #relationships

In Between: The Distance from Vision to Reality - - "In Between is where most give up. It gets really hard. There’s a lot of work to be done on our parts, too. Sacrifices are always made when you assumed there wouldn’t be any. In Between is not about waiting for the vision to happen but being a part of the process." #trials #dreams #waiting

Some Wise Words About Facebook - from Randy Alcorn's daughter -- one of the most encouraging, truth-filled articles on this topic! :) Practical advise.

Grace Covers Me: In Her Shoes: Single Women {a good read for married and singles alike to help us encourage our sister's in the Christ!}

Joy in the Journey: @Courtney Lambert; @Meditations of His Love - "...finding contentment in my life is only possible if I am seeking to find my contentment in Him, and that the more I seek Him, the more He will open my eyes to the joy in simply living each day."

Your Life Has a Purpose Always “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day” {2 Cor 4:16}. Here’s the bottom line: You are not done until you hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” from the lips of your Master in heaven." - @Holley Gerth

Grace for Your Unmerry Moments: @Holley Gerth -- "Struggling at the holidays is just proof that what Christmas is all about is true: I need a Savior. And the same grace that covers me the rest of the year is there for me in my unmerry moments, too."

A “Hopeless” Chest: by Raylene Werzinski: at @kindred Grace - "Hope had seemed like an empty word, bringing to mind wishful thinking and innocent naiveté. Then my pastor defined it – a confident expectation that God will fulfill His promises. My hope had been misplaced."

A Peek Into Your Personality @Kindred Grace - lot's of fun and interesting articles, helpful resources, and a look into personality types.

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Cultivating an Attitude of Thankfulness :: Carlie gives some great examples of ways that we can cultivate the attitude of thankfulness in our hearts. :: ManagingYourBless... -- "Choose to be intentional about creating a thankful heart, it will change your life." #thankfulness

When You Don't Get What You Want: @Natasha Metzler - "It wasn’t really anything out of a fairy tale. It was better."

The Tragic Life of Disobedient Sheep | Beyond Waiting -- "Sometimes I’d rather do my own thing. Because sometimes what God asks of me is not what I would choose for myself."