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No, I'm stealing them, I just wanted to show you first

You dont say - Funny Meme - Meme Boss

So... A tiny dinosaur who is pretending to be a turtle by wearing an acorn cap as a shell? Is that what this is? Whatever it is, I am in love.

It only gets better but, i feel bad for his kid, b/c when she grows up and wants to have a bf/gf her dad and godfather may scare them away.

"Certain as the sun rising in the east..." @Courtney Baker Baker Baker Baker Scott haha!

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 70 Pics!

Lmfao...atleast let me be the one getting engaged then I don't care how many other people get engaged...I just want it to be me too! Lol!

Grumpy cat lost her marbles

lolz cat | lolz cat by ~pound-cake on deviantART

I wanted to repin this, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked.