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Ye Olde Shoppe of Yore

182 Pins

Ye Olde Shoppe of Yore

  • 182 Pins

In 1913 it was legal to mail children. With stamps attached to their clothing, children rode trains to their destinations, accompanied by letter carriers

World War II: After the War - In Focus - The Atlantic $100 TV set

Helen Keller meets Charlie Chaplin

A very young Lucy Lucille Ball around 1930

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Vintage Baked Potato Cart - Early "Fast Food"

Confederate and Union soldier shake hands during a celebration at Gettysburg in 1913

Leather gloves worn by Lincoln to Ford's Theater

Communist Party USA meeting in Chicago, 1939

Mount Rushmore before carving

Young Teddy Roosevelt

Do you know what this is?

How things have changed

1912 8th grader test

Prohibition barrels of whiskey waiting to be burned.

May 20, 1910 Nine European kings attended the funeral of King Edward VII of the UK (many were deposed in World War I and its aftermath.) Standing, left to right: King Haakon VII of Norway, King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, King Manuel II of Portugal, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, King George I of Greece and King Albert I of Belgium. Seated, left to right: King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King George V of Britain and King Frederick VIII of Denmark.

Frank Sinatra asks Lou Gehrig for an autograph in 1939.

Anastasia shares a smoke with her father, Tsar Nicholas II two years before their assassination in 1916.

Rare historical photos for a change of pace (53 Photos)

Native American couple, Situwuka and Katkwachsnea in 1912

Rare historical photos for a change of pace (53 Photos)

Harry Houdini exposes “spirit trickery” in 1925.

Seth Kinman (1815-1888) Pictured above sitting on a chair that he made from more manliness than we will ever sniff in all of our days, Seth Kinman is exactly what pops into your brain when you think “Mountain Man,” whether you’ve seen him before or not. Kinman claimed that he had taken down more than 50 elk in one month.

Happy 80th, Gene Wilder!

Interesting old photographs from long, long ago : theCHIVE

Photographs from an era long, long, ago (47 Photos)