r controlled vowels

The life cycle of a Monarch butterfly as told from the perspective of the butterfly. Appropriate for students in early elementary school.

Free Frog Unit Study: Early Reader, Life Cycle, Science Cards, Word Wall, Folder Games & More!

Augmented Reality Butterfly Life Cycle FREEBIE - this is a new kind of cool! Kind of like QR codes but even better!

Are you ready to transform into the beautiful self YOU were intended to be? This video documents the journey that transforms a caterpillar into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. ~ eℓℓe ƸӜƷ

Life cycle of a Frog! Excellent video with cute music, illustrations, photos, and videos and frog sounds.

Great for workshops, centers, early finishers, ESL, Special Ed. and much more. QR codes make learning so much fun. This product is good for differentiated instruction. K-3rd $ Student tested, students loved!

TIME LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEOS~ Check out this video of a dandelion's cycle from flower to seed, as well as many others including the hatching of an egg and the beauty of auroras.

Bug Theme Collection ~ Printables, Sensory Bin, Calendar Connections, & More!

Interactive Notebook Pages For Your Plant Unit - FREEBIE!

Fun in Spring FREEBIE Set of Printables for Kinders and First Graders

{Freebie} 4-3-2-1 Butterflies (with QR Code!) by Amanda Zanchelli

Different Animal Types - Covering Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores, Diurnal, Nocturnal

Dynamite DINOSAURS: 71-page theme unit. WRITE a STORY about Dimples and celebrate her birthday. Babysit a dinosaur, create VOLCANOES, MUSEUMS, and a DINOSAUR LAND. Pln the spike on Stegosaurus and go on a dig. Your LITERACY and other learning centers are covered! $

FREEBIE! Need a relaxing, engaging outdoor activity for a large group of children? Then this activity is for you! Children use their imaginations to observe shapes and pictures in the clouds, then choose from a selection of writing sheets to record their cloud watching fun...

FREE Dinosaurs Emergent Reader! and Freebie and Instagram, Oh, my!!!

FREE: This is an Earth Day themed phonics sort for ear, ir and or words. Simply pass the cards out to your students and have them come up to the pocket ...

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