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Harriet Tubman became famous as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad during the turbulent 1850s. Born a slave on Maryland's eastern shore, she endured the harsh existence of a field hand, including brutal beatings. In 1849 she fled slavery, despite a bounty on her head, she returned to the South at least 19 times to lead her family & hundreds of other slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Tubman also served as a scout, spy and nurse during the Civil War. #tubman

Tempest Storm, Gloria Pall & Dixie Evans at Bettie Page's funeral in Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, 2008

Full Moon, Corfu Old Fortress & Old Town, Greece

I wanna party with these ladies. The Spectacular Women of ‘Advanced Style’ Model for Karen Walker

Tattoo by Nazareno Tubaro

Meet the Russian Caucasian. Yes! This is a dog and not a bear. I certainly would not want to meet one in a dark alley! LOL The Caucasian dog is one of the oldest mastiff-type breeds, originating from the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It was used for centuries to guard flocks, kill wolves, hunt bears and protect properties against trespassers and thieves.

Marilyn on the night of J.F.K.'s birthday

The graveyards around Morelia during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico by Tom Robinson Photography

Beadnet dress | Egyptian Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, reign of Khufu |2551–2528 B.C.