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Even better because Emma Watson tweeted it…

Even better because Emma Watson tweeted it…

Dump A Day Thursday's Funny Pictures - 70 Pics

Thursday's Funny Pictures - 70 Pics


Obama America

Facebook Saturday .....................

U.S. poll: more voters see Obama as worst president in modern times - Two years into Obama's second term, more voters say they are dissatisfied with his administration's handling of EVERYTHING from the economy to foreign policy. Gives him the worst marks of any modern U.S. president, new poll says.

. Newsletter - July 1, 2014

Bergdahl Death Sentence

.in the twilight zone

ISIS Leader Said Following Words When Released By Obama Admin: ‘See You In New York’

John Kerry is a disgrace to the uniform and an insult to all veterans

Blame Obama First-Criticism of Obama's National Security Adviser, Secretaries of Defense State, top foreign policy speechwriter-has been mounting. "This is what happens when hacks take over foreign policy," Kim Strassel of Wall Street Journal. Col. Jack Jacobs, Obama team "most decidely" is weak, "and isolated, a lot of decisions it makes are either ill considered or do not consider everything that needs to be considered." David Ignatius, "The administration is going to have to step up."

Blame Obama First

Liberal logic

liberal-logic-101's photo: There’s choice and then there’s choice....

There’s choice and then there’s choice...

Liberal logic 101. Ban everything you don't like, then make others pay for what you do.

Wake up Sheeple! Obama sucks!