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Leah Coccari-Swift

Leah Coccari-Swift

knit - crochet - animal - vegetable - mineral

Welland lambs wool hand dip dyed sweater

Fairisle cardigan, Debbie Bliss

A. Fair Isle. Twinset.

The artist said, ''I thought it might be nice if, instead of a dragon, the Dwarves found Fraggles in their mountain. And they became friends and sang songs and ate radishes. And nobody had to die."

  • Alayna Coombs

    I had a dog named fraggles! He did die though.

  • Lynnette Higgins Souders

    So that's where the Fragile Rock tunnels go. Mind Blown!

  • Kathy

    Yes, I am sure if Tolkien had written in 1980, this is exactly what he would have done! Except, of course, for the radishes....not sure about the radishes...

  • Cupcake Thegreat

    I love this so much

  • Alice Fraggle

    OH MY GOD! FOUR of my loves in one place - Richard Armitage, Dwarves, The Hobbit, and Fraggles!

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