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Check+out+these+DOJO+papers+to+help+students+monitor+their+Class+Dojo+points.++I+use+these+in+my+students+data+folders+for+them+to+monitor+their+progress+and+set+goals.++We+check+them+weekly+and+then+they+have+the+opportunity+to+go+to+the+goody+box+at+the+end+of+the+week+if+they've+met+the+goal+we+have+set. I+have+also+included+a+6+weeks+version+in+this+set+that+I+used+in+the+beginning,+but+I+have+since+switched+to+the+weekly+version+because+it+provides+more+immediate+feedback. If+you+like+this+please+rate+it+and+check+out+other+Data+Folder+products+in+my+store. Enjoy! Tonja+Irvine Smart+Puppy+Learning

Class Dojo Data Papers

A teacher's prayer for the first day of school. @Wendy Felts Felts Iverson

Clean Eating Pumpkin Ice Cream: Frozen bananas, pumpkin puree, maple syrup and pumpkin spices. I want to try this one, but may try it with honey instead of maple syrup...

Clean Eating Recipes | Clean Eating Pumpkin Ice Cream

inside recess - a website that will get them moving! great for rainy day!

Adventure to Fitness

to restore dry erase boards that are hard to erase: spray a clean board with wd40, wipe dry with paper towels. the wd40 fills in the dried pores of the board that hold in marker ink, making it easier to erase.

How to Restore a Whiteboard

increase family involvement in the classroom {infographic}

Help! I Need Family Involvement

Classroom Management Strategies | 25 classroom management strategies to get silence from a noisy group of students

Rottenecards - Teaching: 65 hours per week for 36 weeks equals 2340 work hours. Other jobs: 40 per week for 52 weeks equals 2080 work hours. So, I deserve the summer off. Any other questions?

170 ways to use word clouds in your classroom!

- 170 Ways To Use Word Clouds In Every Classroom

Enhancing Retention - Ways to Enhance Retention & Retrieval by Mia MacMeekin

#PARCC info: Link to interactive ELA and Math PARCC Sample Items for Spring 2014 Field Test

instructional strategies for teaching the common core….LOTS of articles here on how to teach the common core better…in fact….how to improve teaching practice!

Learned this in sociology first year of college. People show the type of love they'd like to, surprises, simplicity.

words to use in lesson plans to make administrators happy

Teacher Confession: Once a child is in my class, I will always refer to him as 'one of my kids' - even when he's grown.

She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!