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Maker/Crafter Cleverness

37 Pins

Maker/Crafter Cleverness

  • 37 Pins

Amaterasu - Okami - Anime Expo 2012

X-Wing Coffee Table, by Barry Shields

Totoro Bed

DIY outdoor kitchen - the grey water going into the watering can is an especially nice touch.

Oh, that's clever - "Tie the Knot" Save the Dates

Laser-cut patterns in nori

$3500 - A working NES Controller coffee table. Maple, walnut, mahogany with really nice dovetail joinery.

Osaka Station has the coolest fountain ever.

Portal's "Still Alive" sung by a 20 watt laser while etching the Aperture Science logo.

Universal adapter set for building toys - Link your Lego, K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, Bristle Blocks, and and and.

Universal Adapter Set for Construction Toys

Casters keep falling off your shop-vac? Use the exhaust to turn it into a hovercraft.

PVC Cucumber Trellis

Totoro hoody

UP house pincushion

DIY toekick drawer for your cabinets

These Sand People ($49.99) hats are back-ordered, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

Portrait Projecting Ring - shine a flashlight through the back and project your photo through the lens.

wine bottle candles

Gingerbread AT-AT - complete with gingerbread Luke

A pair of foam balls with black dots on them makes just about anything funny

3D printed Catan tiles from Shapeways - though at $16.25 a piece, that makes the board a little over 300 bucks.

Fat Monkey - made of flip-flops