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TED Talks for Kids

TED Talks for Kids by digitalsandbox1

Talks to watch with kids

Talks to watch with kids

The Pluto System is a very intriguing little world. Here is the latest information on this Dwarf Planet. Help your students to master their note-ta...

Use tea leaves to help students visualize how molecules move when heated.


SCIENCE OF EVERYDAY LIFE - 3M has partnered with Discovery Education to bring this resource in the hands of K - 12. There are interactive videos & labs and inquiry-based lessons aligned to national standards by grade level. The idea is to help kids relate to the science they experience everyday and understand it better.

Changes in the State of Matter Infographic Download

Bring writing into the science classroom and meet those Common Core standards!! Create an Alien - A Space and Planet Project - a great culminating project for an outer space and planet unit. Encompasses science, language arts, art and a little bit of math. Students utilize research skills to create a passport of info on a planet. Then they must apply the knowledge and create an alien who could live on planet. End with a Welcome to Earth Celebration!!! The aliens turn out great! $4.25

Create an Alien - A Space and Planet Project

Excellent book by Rachel Lynette for teaching informational text features - Blog post by Laura Candler offers teaching tips, a freebie, and a giveaway!

Planets For Kids Website - Solar System Facts and Astronomy. Free website full of videos, pictures, lessons, and more!

How does a duck stay dry? This simple experiment demonstrates to children how a duck stay dry and warm in the water. There are several other water experiments in this post as well.

Scientific Method Foldable Freebie

FREE Close Read Download~ This short, easy-to-understand explanation of close reading instruction really helps clarify the process and reasons behind the approach. This is the best, short-and-simple resource related to this important CCSS mandate that I've found, so far!

Minibook: Moon Phases...great for second and third grades!

Popcycle stick catapult