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5th Grade Fun Writing Activities/ Motivation Ideas!!!!

The Day the Crayons Quit. Teaches letter writing and persuasive text all in one while being absolutely hilarious.

  • Erin

    i saw this in a store and almost bought it, for myself. ;)

  • Lynda Medlin

    I used it for an inference lesson today. My kids had to guess the color after I read them the letter. They then had to pick and object and write a letter as if they were that object giving me clues so I could infer what they where. They loved it!!

101 Writing Prompts Idea in a Jar - like "What would you do if you found a pair of magical shoes?" or "Write a story about a robot that does your homework."

For upper grades- These are AMAZING journal pages!! At first I thought it was for a paid product...but on the page you want, then go to the bottom of the next page and you can choose with or without a border! Lots of terrific pages!!!

Choose a travel brochure and write a letter persuading your parents to take you there. Great Persuasive writing idea

Newspaper generator. Very cool -- type in your story, and the website makes it look like a newspaper article.

Scholastic Story Starters - Great for the 6 Traits of Writing - Writing Ideas

Love this for first couple days of writing.

  • Elizabeth Satiacum

    This sounds like a great way to get to know NEW students, as a new tutor!! Thanks for sharing!

Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

Fifth Grade Composition Activities: Book Spine Poems

How I Make Writing Fun as seen on Fifth Grade Flock www.fifthgradeflo...

Printable comics for kid to write captions and dialogue.

A whole bunch of writing prompts. These are pretty cool!

Angry Verbs... teaching linking and action verbs

Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why.. Board warm.up buy journals - buy it or make your own version!

Print “washed out” pictures onto lined paper for writing letters. to create “washed out” pictures, copy & paste a picture onto word, select “format picture,” select “picture,” then under “image control” & “color” dropdown box, select “washout.” print and write your letter!

The world's greatest essay, written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts. This is probably my new favorite thing.

Halloween book report. Decorate a pumpkin as your favorite character in the book you read! Could also do one for face character in writing!!!

writing idea...haunted house: feel, see, hear...descriptive writing

Class Writing Journals with Topics for Early Finishers