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Heather Gannoe Gannoe

Heather Gannoe Gannoe

Health & Fitness Professional, mom of two, adventure seeker, obstacle course racer, trail runner, traveler, writer.

Bernd Heinrich on Running: Amazing Video

Never change yourself to keep someone pacified. The people who love your passions and your flaws even if theirs are totally different, who will stay when you have put up walls, or when you decide you're changing your plans, who support you no matter how crazy you sound and take joy in your joys - those are the ones who get the *privilege* of staying with you.

Some cool stuff to add to your crossfit gym

@Merrell Outside Thelon Tank, Afton short, and Mix Master Glides.

Travel All - Padded for structure and protection, this is THE coolest bag on the block for hauling stuff to your weekender benders or work trips.

Natural supplements with supernutrients- made in Hawaii: check these out #fitfluential

Welcome to @reebok world headquarters. Now let's work it out! #rbkfitblog #fitfluential