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Run Like a Mother

Run Like a Mother

Empower with education and training programs. Inspire with communities, events and races. Enable through programs and partnerships. Run Like a Mother® Isn’t Jus

Need some help getting prepared for your next race? Try the Run Like a Mother Beginner 5K Training plan to get you on track: And sign up for the #RLAM14 5K race now! Do something great for yourself and your family.

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Well, here are 32 Paleo inspired recipes, great for everyone and sure to keep you moving!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What are you doing to celebrate that weekend? Why not start your day with a 5K race and celebrate with your whole family at the finish line. Register now!

Need a pick-me-up? Here are 7 top foods for runners. #RLAM14 #running

Just starting your running routine? Here are 8 tips to get you going: #RLAM14 #running

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Play the game too! Are you in? Share and challenge your friends! Sorry honey, get your own beer...I have a challenge to do! #RLAM14

Never run a 5K before? We’ve got you covered! The Run Like a Mother Novice 5K training plan is designed for the first time 5K-er like you:

This week’s blog will teach you all about incorporating a drill called Strides (Striders) into your daily running routine.

#RLAM14 Expert, Deb Povinelli

Looking for a new salsa recipe? Here’s one to get you in the Olympic spirit – Sochi Salsa

‘Like’ if you agree. #RLAM14

“All you need is love” ~ The Beatles. We couldn’t agree more! Happy Valentine’s Day. #rlam14

Healthy Valentine's Day Recipes and Menus | Eating Well

Is your 2014 race schedule complete? It's not if you don't have Run like a Mother on it! Not one near you? Run virtually and get the swag. Grab your friends and family and start Mother's Day running. Go to www.runlikeamothe... to register now.

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Romantic Refreshments! 11 Homemade Valentine’s Day Love Potions | Spoonful

Honeydew-Kiwifruit Smoothie

How to Be Happier: Health: : Achieving your dream life doesn't just take smarts or ambition. It also requires these eight traits. Think of them as your happiness list, and use it to get more out of life. #SELFmagazine #health #wellness

Here are some predictions for trends you may see in your gym, supermarket, or hear around the water cooler this year. Find out if they're worth incorporating into your lifestyle. #health #wellness

Run Like a Mother is proud to introduce expert panel member, physical therapist and certified personal trainer Deb Povinelli. Deb is the founder of Beyond Baby Fitness and represents the RVNA specializing in both pre and post-natal fitness and exercise. #RLAM

Did you know that Run Like a Mother offers participants an official 6-week group training program leading up to the race day in each 2014 race city? It’s a great way to not only prepare for the Mother’s Day 5K run but also to jump start your fitness goals. Check out www.runlikeamothe... for details in your city.

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