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Runner's World South Africa

Runner's World South Africa

The world's leading running magazine. If you own running shoes, you've arrived at the right place.

Harness your inner beast with the October issue of Runner’s World!

North Face haven’t given the local market a lot to choose from in the past, so we were happy to note the arrival in South Africa of what’s arguably their best trail shoe.

Think you can skip speedwork, that it’s just for seasoned runners with specific time goals? No such luck. Bursts of intense exercise burns more fat, improves blood glucose control, makes every day runs feel easier and improves your running form.

The August issue of Runner's World South Africa is on sale - and it's a goodie!

The July 2014 issue of Runner’s World is on sale, and it’s loaded with information to keep you motivated as winter reaches its dark, chilly peak.

Whether you graze every few hours or eat the same three meals every day, here’s how to tweak your diet so it better meets your nutritional — and running — needs.

ITBS Relief: Cow-Face. Cross your legs, right one on top. • Try to bring your knees together. • Reach your arms behind; try to grasp your hands. • Hold for 30 seconds.

Running and/or run-walking at a comfortable pace strengthens your muscles, your lungs, and your heart, no matter what the clock says. In fact, if you’re new to running or coming back after a long layoff, it’s best to forget about time entirely and focus on starting and finishing your run feeling good, no matter how ‘slow’ you go.

Salomon is romancing the road runner with the latest addition to their CityTrail range, the X-Scream. Running in variable terrain means the outsole needs to try and provide grip for as many conditions as possible. Salomon uses a mixture of Contragrip LT and Contragrip HA, each with a different density; the combination grips well on both dirt and tar. The cushioning is adequate for training and daily use, and is suited to neutral runners.

The Runner's World Complete Book of Running: All you need to help you achieve maximum pleasure and performance from your running. A programme to double your endurance 15 surprising foods to boost your running performance 11 rules to running a great marathon The Big 5 running injuries and how to avoid them How to incorporate speedwork into your training How to taper your eating – and your training – before a race And much, much more!

Take A Moment To Assess Yourself Is your neck bent towards the screen? Are your shoulders hunched? If your primary school teacher could see you now, would she tell you to sit up straight? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Most of us tend to slump our heads forwards and round our shoulders. When we stand – and run – we have even more problems: runners often have strong quads and weaker hamstrings and glutes, and this imbalance can pull the pelvis forward to create a ‘butt out’ look.

Q: My training buddy likes to sprint at the end of runs. Is that safe?

This new edition of Run Less, Run Faster continues to promise the same tantalizing results: Readers can get stronger, faster, and better by training less. The quality-over-quantity approach optimizes training time and yields better performance—results runners will love no matter what distance they are racing.

Stop cheating! Do you take vitamins instead of eating healthily? What about caffeine to counteract bad sleeping? Use painkillers over flexibility workouts? It can affect your training!

Back to basics, test panel approved weight loss plan and beginners’ running program that yields sustainable healthy results. A breakthrough plan to lose weight and start running (no experience necessary!)

One of the much talked about events at the 2014 Comrades Marathon: the car crash that narrowly missed spectators - on live television.

Everyone loves a good #throwback. Which is your favourite?

Aspirational, admirable and seriously fast: we love these great runners.

Haile Gebrselassie signing Ryan Sandes' shirt

Get your hardcopy: from the "Complete Book Of Running" to "Run Your Butt Off" - there's a running book available for you.

Shoes, socks, shorts and tees: we review the hottest running gear.

Picked up an injury from running? Here's everything you need to know about shinsplints, ITBS, Runner's Knee, or just feeling downright sore.

Delicious, nutritious recipes and tips to lose weight and keep fit.

Motivation to get exercising, now! Work up a sweat, burn calories, tone up, run faster, get stronger...