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Fitness Inspiration

Vision Board, Motivational Quotes and Inspiration

I bet you will get up and move that body when you read how getting your sweat on can improve your life! #infographic

Food is your fuel Much like gasoline is to a car, food is your fuel. You can't run on an empty tank. eat.

Weekly Fitness and Nutrition Plan

Make a plan for success! You must plan for success not hope to get there by chance.

Weekly Fitness and Nutrition Plan

The scoop on the polar loop activity tracker

The Scoop on the Polar Loop

tips and tricks for staying acting and having fun as a family

Tips to Have Fun While Staying Active as a Family

three simple healthy changes

Three Simple Healthy Changes

running tips... how to start running #runchat #runthisyear

Running Tips: Getting Started

three ways to fit in fitness when life gets busy

3 Tips to Fit in Fitness

running form - proper legs and feet tips

Running Tips: Proper Form Legs & Feet

the scale can only give you a numberical reflection of your relationship with gravity

Rock N Roll San Jose 2014 half marathon race discount & giveaway #rnrsj #runchat

Rock N Roll San Jose Race Discount & Giveaway

weight does not dictate your health or your worth

  • Genevieve Le

    Love your board! I'm in a fun workout group on Facebook. Everyone is positive and supportive. We would love to have you join us! Send me a friend request You can also follow me on Instagram at gen_gets_fit. Look forward to talking to you! Genevieve

how to do a handstand pushup

How To Do A Handstand … Pushup! - Running Rachel

have fun, when you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead

Have Fun While Running
  • Gregory Gordon

    Well. Sometimes we go through grown up periods. Sometimes you take a break from fun and focus. It dont mean you wont ever do things for fun again

Motivation & Habit: Motivation is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going. #fitfluential #sweatpink

Motivation Monday! - Running Rachel

finish strong

Running Slow and Finishing Strong

pumafitness, puma, fitfluential, play-out, park workout, runningrachel

Puma Fitness Review and a Park WorkOut

overall health, heart health, individual health training plan

New Running Journey: Heart Rate Training with MAF

MAF heart rate training, running heart rate training, maf training

New Running Journey: Heart Rate Training with MAF

strong stomach, 5 tips to get a strong sexy stomach, strong core workouts,

5 Fitness Moves to Get a Strong Core

5 Fitness Moves to Get a Strong Core

5 Fitness Moves to Get a Strong Core