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Prevent overflows with this Boil-Over Spill Stopper lid. #Products

The Easy Quick Jumper makes it possible to jump-start a dead battery without jumper cables and without having to go under the hood. All you do is connect one end of the Easy Quick Jumper to the cigarette lighter socket of the car with the dead battery and the other end to the cigarette lighter socket of a working car. In 5-10 minutes you’ll be ready to roll.

They thought of everything with this emergency radio that runs on solar, hand crank, AA batteries or AC adapter. Plus, in addition to the AM/FM/shortwave radio and NOAA Weather Alert system, it has a flashlight, LED reading light, USB charging jack and headphone jack.

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad...because you think of random, amazing stuff in the shower and then get out and forget it. Genius.

Brownie in a CUP! This would be great as a gift...sharpie the instructions onto mug, add the dry ingredients and wrap. Think teacher, babysitter, niece/nephew...

Sur La Table® Quesadilla Grilling Basket

Ring Holder - Jewelry Holder, 20 Rings, 54 Pairs, 16 Pegs, Cocoa Brown, Boutique Quality & Design, BEAUTIFUL Storage Solution, Ready To Ship, by JewelryHoldersForYou, $59.95

After a large earthquake and series of aftershocks nearby, I'm newly obsessed with survivalism... Enter the Eton Boost Turbine -- a hand-crank turbine charging station. You can take my electricity, but you'll never take my iPhone!

DIY!! Take one table, cut in half, attach to bookcase shelf~ great for 2 kids to do homework without bugging each other. No more lost assignments or missing school supplies!! Stock baskets on shelves with everything u need!!!