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Backpack through Europe for a month on $ 1000 >>> As long as your transportation and flight are covered I can see this could be possible. You can sleep cheap by couch surfing or wwoofing and food at the grocery store is so much cheaper in Europe.

Sound experience Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Gotta try this!

After vowing not to buy another plastic baggie, neat-os grew out of necessity. Our bags are people and food friendly; they can be washed any way you like, have a clean simple look and can be used over one hundred times. Bag the plastic baggie!– Rachel Ostroy, CEO and Founder, neat-os

Reading Levels. Is there a reliable source for the suggested reading level of a novel? I'm a teacher who requires independent reading, but the novels my students bring me sometimes look "too young" for the grade I teach. I cannot always find information on what reading level the novel was intended to entertain.

Dear Pinners, you're welcome. every episode of Lizzie McGuire.

This lady sings Katy Perry's "Firework" while doing impressions for various celebrities and singers. Scarily accurate and really funny. I'm impressed.

VERY COOL WEBSITE. enter the dimensions of your room and the things you want to put in it... it helps you come up with ways to arrange it. Pin now, look later.

Extreme Couponing - Learn How to Be a Savvy Shopper and Save Money... One Coupon At a Time by Beth Adelman and Joni Meyer-Crothers.

This girl does one refashion a day of awkward thrift store clothes and nails it almost every time - its so addicting to see all her re-fashions ! check it out