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Anniversary Logos

Unique anniversary logos

150 Years of Sibelius Birthday (Finland)

150 Years of ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

Logo 400 Years of Rio, 1965 (left) and logo 450 Years of Rio, 2015 (right) Brazil

450 Years of Rio de Janeiro, 1565-2015 (Brazil)

400 Years of Rio de Janeiro, 1565-1965 (Brazil)

700 Years of Exeter (UK)

900 Years of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK)

900 Years of St. Ives (UK)

Centenary of Batlle of Marne (France)

Centenary of World War I (France)

Centennial of World War I (USA)

70 Years of D Day in Normandy (France)

125 Years of Lee Jeans (USA)

150th Birthday of Apollinario Mabini (The Philippines)

Bicentennial Birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald, first Prime Minister of Canada

40 Years of Grenada Independence

40 Years of The Bahamas Independence

450 Years of Durango (Mexico)