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3d print records - Instructables

Love low-fi? 3D-print your own vinyl records via @CNET

  • Anthony Schmitt

    Vinyl is not low fidelity! it is an analog format, and depending on how the record is pressed, can be very high quality or on the opposite side, very low

  • Ryan Johnson

    I agree. I wasn't commenting on the quality of vinyl, that's the title of the article I pinned from CNET.. I love vinyl and have an extensive record collection. Actually, these records aren't pressed, they are printed on a 3D printer and are in fact very low fidelity due to the limits of the 3D printer. You can listen to a sample in the article; please look at the link before you comment. I thought it was an awesome use of 3D print tech, and it will probably improve as the 3D print technology grows.

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Quickly measure rooms, create floor plans with MagicPlan - CNET

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