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Using Strengths in New Ways

The next time you feel irritated or nervous today, pause and breathe with the experience for a count of 10 breathes (Self-regulation)

Consider an interaction that typically involves you doing more talking/sharing and flip it to where the other person talks/shares more (Humility)

Let go of a minor (or major) grudge (Forgiveness)

Start up a conversation with someone whom you normally would not say much more to than typical pleasantries. This person might be the woman at the checkout counter, a telemarketer, or the new employee (Social Intelligence).

Complete a small project you've been putting off. This image could represent cleaning something you've avoided or finally organizing something (perseverance)

Write a poem that expresses an inner truth (Honesty)

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First, listen closely. Second, share your ideas and thoughts (Perspective)

How Can a Teen Girl Have a Mother-Daughter Relationship? | eHow

Try a new food for the first time (Curiosity)

Look for beings that are cast aside or typically held in disgust and go out of your way to treat them right (fairness)