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Raindrops falling on nails - base of bright blue cream with blobs of shiny top coat coated with matte top coat over entire nail

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Designs for Nails We’ll Never Be Able to Do | Beauty High

Spring Nail Art Ideas | 29secrets

You and Luke recently broke up and he wasn't taking it too well. He kept listening to your voicemail and all of your favorite song. It made him feel a bit better, yet miss you even more all at the same time. "You ok, Hemmo?" Calum asked. Luke just shrugged and kept looking out the window. He thought of the first time you guys told eachother you loved eachother. His eyes welled up with tears so he tried to blink them back. The worst mistake he ever made was letting you go.

Haha. Imagine it though.

You guys asked for a Michael one!! I hope this is good enough

"5SOS Preferences" by abbyloves1dlm5sos on Polyvore

"imagine walking around london with your boyfriend ashton irwin" by amandacrazy16 on Polyvore

Imagine: Ashton talking about you and the rest of the guys figuring out that he has feelings for you, even though Ashton doesn't realize it.

Imagine: You and Michael are best friends but he has a huge crush on you. (c) @5SOS_Imagining