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Taystee knows. Orange is the New Black.

Sabrina! Best RSVP card

Crayon Ammo Belt

  • Grace Oakley

    Cindy you've obviously never been to America, shut up. That isn't what we're like at all. Talk about judgemental....

  • Grace Oakley

    It's obvious you're from The Netherlands

  • Saphire Snow

    or could it be that the little boy's mom made the crayon holder for easy access to his colors since he is standing by a table with paper on it as if that is his table for coloring, not even having ammunition in mind in the first place. Ms should wake sounds like you've never been to America, but no one could imagine you being from any other place with your "ms. congeniality hospitality" of an attitude. Ms Cindy, please don't think everyone in America is so rude.

  • Olivia Mathews

    Lol @ all the hipsters looking for an arguement

  • Krze One

    Pretty cool! Make art, not war :-) people need to chill, I'm sure your kids are the ones with the water canons at the pool. But that doesn't bother you, right?

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