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Treat box for traveling. One per kid, no refills. Tackle this idea! Need to remember for future road trips! This could also be used for adult treats.... Can you say camping idea

Is there ever enough sparkle?

mount spice racks on dresser = instant bookshelf!

Tulle balls hung from ceiling

To make these tulle lampshades, simply attach a child's tutu to a lampshade ring, and thread onto a bulb-and-socket cord, then hang from the ceiling.

BUBBLE PAINTING This is not a clean craft, so do it somewhere you're not afraid to make a mess. We did it in the playroom on her IKEA play table. We had paint splattered all over the table and all over our faces. Now that's the sign of a fun craft! Here's how we did it: What you'll need: paint - lots of colours dish soap water cups straws watercolour paper Directions: 1. I didn't use measurements, but just pour some paint, a little dish soap and a small amount of water in a cup. Mix it up. If the colour is too light, add more paint. If not bubbly enough, add more soap. You get the drift. 2. Put the straw in the cup and blow until bubbles come up over the cup. Make sure your child is old enough/able to do this. If you don't think your child can do this, or are worried about them accidently sucking instead of blowing you may want to do this step for them. Kirsten was able to do this herself, but I know there is no way Cam would have been able to. 3. Grab your watercolour paper and pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat with whatever colours you want. 4. Allow to dry.

Ribbon Wreath!