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Art by Cathy Delanssay. Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of love, delights in the creation of beauty and art. She is called the “Lady of Secrets”, “Lady of Love” and “Lady of Gold”. She rules the 'sweet' waters - rainfall, lakes, rivers, and streams. She is the Goddess of passion, and sensuality, as well as abundance, and prosperity. She belonged to no man and believed all was fair in games of love. Her symbols are mirrors, jewelry, honey, golden silks and feather fans.

Deep bow. Goddess Kali, Colored etching on paper. 1770 Print (Winds of change and transformation)

Open to receive her healing vision -->Mami Wata, a Goddess and her ripples from "Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas" via The New York Times

Goddess! woman bathing: bronze ashtray, norwegian